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Weathering the Storm – Combating Stress


Stress, as mentioned in our previous blog, can come in all sorts of forms.  It can be all encompassing at times and have


Studies have shown that deep breathing can have immediate calming effects. There is evidence to suggest that a single session of deep breathing exercises can: decrease your heart rate and blood pressure, provides better oxygenation and improves lung function. It also positively effects your emotional response as well. The next time you experience a stress event, try taking a few deep breathes, it doesn’t require anything but yourself! (might want to consider taking some deep breathes before replying to that email as well!)

Determine the cause of the stress

Can you pinpoint what it is that is causing you stress and address the issue? Is it a particular person or situation? If you can pinpoint what is causing you stress and take steps to resolve the issue, do just that!


Are you getting enough of it? When your body does not get the rest that it requires, it is harder for you to emotionally cope with situations. You may find that your patience is wearing thin or you lose your temper at times when you wouldn’t normally. Make sure that you have a good sleep routine in place and stick to it.

Physical activity

‘Exercise gives you endorphins and, endorphins make you happy’. As mentioned in a previous blog, physical activity is not only good for your cardiovascular health but also, your ability to regulate your mood. Are you getting enough exercise? If not, start in small bits. Find 15 minutes in your day to sneak a walk in, or, if you find you always take the escalator on your commute to work, take the stairs!


Do you have a good support system in place? Talking to someone in particular or a group of supportive friends will help in dealing with stress. Your support system can help you work through your stressors and provide a clear view in the case that your judgement is clouded. Further, just talking in and of itself can release tension and be just the outlet you needed.

If you find that you are not coping with your stress, feel free to contact us and we can work with you individually.

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